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Here are some wonderfull dodecahexaflexagon diagrams sent to me that are intended for someone completely unfamiliar with flexagons, and also utilize an independent color organizing system (alpha, beta, and gamma.)

Dodecahexa Guide Page 1

Dodecahexa Guide Page 2

Flexagon Challenge

If you want to test your flexagon skills, check out the dodecaflexagons. Below is a tetra-dodecaflexagon with fractal faces folded from a hexagonal template.


Triflex with Pattern

Here is a Trihexaflexagon with an interesting color pattern.  Fold as for other Trihexaflexagons.

Triflex with pattern

What's New?

Sangaku Flexagon

TriHexaflexagon with Sangaku Japanese Temple Geometric problems for faces.  For details on problems see 2008 book by Fukagawa Hidetoshi and Tony Rothman, Sacred Mathematics .

Tetra-Flexagon article from Russian journal: Nauka i Zhizn (Science and Life) ~1970,

All variations of 8 sided Hexaflexagons.

Method to create Hexaflexagons with any number of sides! 

3 - 6 sided Hexaflexagon maps  

Dodeca flexagon frieze patterns

Dodeca Flex!

Make a Flexagon Now!

Find out why so many people like these things, download flexagon models to print, cutout, fold and flex! 

 Flexagon with Three Faces

They come in squares too!  GIve this one a try!


Cyclic Square Flexagon with 4 faces 

Flexagon Poll

Vote for your Favorite Flexagon